Maria Riccarda Wesseling
Maria Riccarda Wesseling
OPERA GALA Händel/Mozart/Bellini/Rossini/Massenet/Bizet  
Helferei Zürich september 20 19.30 
stringendo orchestra soloist: Maria Riccarda Wesseling 
Ruhrtriennale september 30/oktober 1 
conductor: Steven Sloane 
Bochumer Symphoniker  

Maria Riccarda Wesseling ist mit ihrer Präsenz, ihrem warmen und immer textverständlichen Mezzo und der Leichtigkeit, mit der sie die Partie zu singen scheint, eine ideale Besetzung (Anna´s Maske)

Maria Riccarda Wesseling was a revelation; her timbre reminded at times of the younger days of Waltraud Meier and she shares with that great artist an intensity and personal commitment that make her singing resonate on an emotional level. (Gluck:Orpheus at Lincoln Center festival New York)

Maria Riccarda Wesseling was a gripping, sensual, passionate Phaedra, conveying not only her character’s cruelty and self-absorption but also her overwhelming vitality - when she was taunting Hippolytus you could almost feel the energy crackling around her (Henze: Phaedra, Barbican Center London)